21 of February, 2019

From the 25 March to the 13 April, the island of La Palma (Touristic Destination Starlight and Starlight Reserve) holds the celebration of a Multiple Starlight Course in which Starlight Guides and Monitors will be trained.

The Tourism of the Stars is a rising segment of the touristic industry which not only has a cultural and economic value in itself, but it also means an element of mobilization for other activities and premises in areas that, although they have in the nature their main value, need to widen their offer and implement features of dynamization for their economy.

This new Tourism of Stars demands the capacitation of “Starlight Guides” and “Starlight Monitors”, specialized in driving groups at night and day, so that the visitors in addition to enjoying nature and the cultural richness of the surrounding, can enrich, through disclosure, their knowledge of the Universe, once this one has been contemplated with the naked eye or with simple instruments of observation and perceiving that Nature and Universe are a same reality from which we humans are part.

The main difference between Starlight Guides and Monitors is that the first ones, in addition, are empowered to perform their professional functions within the observations of the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands.

The Starlight Foundation, taking into account the peculiarities and the high level of exigence of the present and future demand of what we call astro-tourism, is the entity in charge of organizing and giving these Courses which have a great acceptance and which have already been held in several parts of the world.

It is the second time La Palma holds this course for the training of Starlight Guides and Monitors, staff specialized in offering specific information about the stars and the scientific premises from which they are observed and researched.

The course of Starlight Guides and Monitors has been officially submitted by the president of the Town Council of La Palma, Anselmo Pestana, the councilor of Tourism, Alicia Vanoostende, the administrator of the Observatory del Roque de Los Muchachos of the IAC, Juan Carlos Pérez, and the director of the Starlight Foundation, Toñi Varela,


The Course offers 4 different options of training, attending to the needs of several groups. Thus, the pupil can decide the most adequate modality in which he wishes to be registered, depending on his/her objectives:

Course of Starlight Guides (120 hours). It enables to perform astro-touristic activities following the criteria of Starlight, as well as providing the knowledge needed to be able to be authorized by the Observatories of the Canary Islands, for the performance of visits in its premises.

Course of Starlight Monitors (60 hours). It enables to perform astro-touristic activities, following the criteria of Starlight.

Conversion of Starlight Monitors into Guides (60 hours). Exclusive for Starlight Monitors already authorized, who want to become Starlight Guides.

Update of Starlight Monitors and Guides (12 hours). Exclusive for Starlight Monitors and/or Guides already authorized, who need to be updated in the astronomic progresses produced in the past years, as well as in the new manners of explaining the things.

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