April 20, the World Night in Defense of Starlight

Fecha del evento: 10 of October, 2017

In 2007, at the First International Starlight Conference, it was agreed to promote the World Night in Defense of Starlight as part of our cultural heritage and environmental science each year on April 20.

 Participation is open to all types of organizations, which can join forces and become actively involved in many aspects:

 – Organize events and ceremonies for the adoption of the Declaration.

 – Propose appropriate places for the observation of the sky as well as parks and destinations under the stars.

 – Promote the introduction of legislation by the public authorities to limit light pollution and promote energy conservation.

 – Turning off unnecessary lights at night to regain sight of the stars and at the same time save energy and curb climate change.

 – Organize art events and competitions on topics related to the viewing of the starry sky.

 – Offer observation of the sky by telescope.

 – Offer talks by scientists, experts and advocates of the need for high-quality skies to the media and the public.

 – Promote the identification of dark areas that require protection.

 – Advocate local ordinances

 – Organization of events for students and the public.