Fecha del evento: 21 of February, 2019

From 25 March to 13 April, the island of La Palma (Starlight Tourist Destination and Starlight Reserve) gathers the celebration of a Multiple Starlight Course, in which Starlight Guides and Monitors will be trained.

The Course offers 4 different options of training, attending to the needs of various groups. Thus, the student can decide the most adequate modality in which he/she wishes to register, depending on his/her objectives:

Course of Starlight Guides (120 hours). It enables to perform astro-touristic activities, following the criteria of Starlight, together with providing the necessary knowledge to be able to be authorized by the Observatories of the Canary Islands, for the performance of visits in its premises.

Course of Starlight Monitor (60 hours). It enables to perform astro-touristic activities, following the criteria of Starlight.

Conversion of Monitors to Guides Starlight (60 hours). Exclusive for Starlight Monitors already authorized, who wish to become Starlight Guides.

Update of Monitors and Guides Starlight (12 hours). Exclusive for Monitors and/or Guides Starlight already authorized, who need to be updated in the astronomic advances produced in the past years, as well as in the new manners of explaining the things. 

Since there are limited places, the Starlight Foundation requests as first step, to forward to the address of email: formacion@fundacionstarlight-org a form which can be downloaded within the triptych which can be found attached to the end of this page and the corresponding payment, before 11 March.

All the information, prices, conditions and the procedure to be followed, can be found in the file attached.

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