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    Del 18 al 27 de noviembre de 2019, la isla de Menorca acogerá a celebración de un Curso de Monitores Astronómicos Starlight.  La formación, combina clases teór...

    Fecha del evento: 8 of August, 2019

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    From 25 March to 13 April, the island of La Palma (Starlight Tourist Destination and Starlight Reserve) gathers the celebration of a Multiple Starlight Course, in which Starlight Guides and Monitors w...

    Fecha del evento: 21 of February, 2019

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  • Starlight Course on the Prevention of Light Pollution

    The course is aimed at all technical experts and managers in the field of outdoor lighting and ambient lighting in general, including companies, technical firms, administration staff responsible for t...

    Fecha del evento: 12 of May, 2017

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  • Starlight Auditor Course

    One of the stages of Starlight certification is the performance of an astronomical audit of those spaces that have applied for accreditation. In the case of Starlight Tourist Destinations, an astrotou...

    Fecha del evento: 11 of May, 2017

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  • Starlight Astronomy Monitors Course

    In astrotourism, when guiding groups, each site offers features that differ, in general, to those of a professional Astrophysical Observatory.  This situation, combined with the characteristic...

    Fecha del evento: 10 of May, 2017

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